Home Security Buyers Still Pay for Pro Installation – Here’s Why


You might be tempted to think that the combination of America’s DIY obsession and the proliferation of wireless security systems would lead to home security buyers deciding not to pay for professional installation. But if so, you would be wrong. DIY systems certainly have found their niche in the larger market, but plenty of buyers are still choosing pro installation.

For the purposes of this post, professional installation is handled either directly by the security equipment provider or a licensed dealer. It comes with a monitoring contract that includes a monthly subscription. For the record, DIYers can also arrange for monthly monitoring with most wireless systems.

1. Complicated Wireless Setups

There is a learning curve that comes with every new technology. That learning curve can be steep for people who do not have extensive knowledge about things like wireless devices and local area networks (LANs). That reality makes it easier to understand why some customers opt for professional installation when they purchase home security.

The vast majority of all home security systems sold these days are wireless. Setting them up requires at least a rudimentary understanding of a wireless network. For some people, dealing with routers and wi-fi networks is just too complicated. They would rather pay for professional installation than go through the hassle of trying to figure it all out.

2. Lack of Security Knowledge

Another reason for choosing professional installation is a lack of knowledge. For purposes of illustration, you can visit the Vivint Smart Home website and find tons of helpful information about where to place video surveillance cameras. Most people don’t know that there are optimal spots for camera location.

A lack of security knowledge may be enough to convince some buyers that they are incapable of installing their security systems and maximizing their capabilities. They would rather leave it to experts who know all the ins and outs of setup.

3. Integration with Home Automation

Even technologically inclined people with moderate security knowledge may choose to defer to the professionals because they want to integrate their security systems with larger home automation networks. Integration with home automation is becoming increasingly popular.

Vivint Smart Home says they have been noticing the integration trend for years. They say their customers are more likely to buy both home security and automation equipment together. They opt for alarm systems along with video cameras, smart thermostats, smart locks, and more.

The point of all of this is to say that installation gets more complex with each wireless device added to the network. Someone with enough knowledge, skill, and patience to set up a basic DIY home security system could still be overwhelmed by trying to integrate that system with a home automation suite.

4. Ease and Convenience

A post of this nature would not be complete without talking about the ease and convenience of professional installation. DIY projects can be enjoyable, but they can also entail an awful lot of work. People with busy lives and busy schedules just find professional installation the easier and more convenient way to go.

This is not to say that DIY installation is a bad option. It is not. The choice between DIY and professional installation is truly a matter of personal preference. Whatever makes the consumer happy is fine.

Are you planning to invest in home security or home automation this year? If so, will you opt for professional installation or handle things yourself. You get to choose. Just note that both choices have their pros and cons. Neither one will be perfect for you in every respect.

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