Coliving: A New Way Of Living Together


Coliving is a mix between colocation, hotels, and coworking (as a reminder: coworking is sharing a common workspace, whether you are a freelancer or a small business). It is a natural evolution of the ancestral principle of colocation, which takes note of the great recent changes in the sector – and in particular of the fact that “roommates” are no longer reserved for students at all: in Paris, it is estimated that 50% of people living in shared accommodation are employees. Please check out the site for more information.

Concretely, the concept of co-living comes down to sharing a living space and services. On the one hand, there is an independent apartment, generally a studio, sometimes a two or three-room apartment, endowed with all amenities (bathroom, kitchenette). On the other, we have common areas that all residents can enjoy: living room, dining room, relaxation room, work or meeting spaces, etc. The big “plus” of coliving is the provision of various services, such as an ultra-fast Internet connection, access to a streaming service (like Netflix), a gym, yoga classes, but also the cleaning or the change of the household linen (sheets, towels). The idea is to free residents from time-consuming administrative tasks, such as paying their electricity or heating bills.

Where coliving goes further than colocation, it is by playing the community card thoroughly. The co-living spaces do not only offer shared services, they encourage the sharing of events from daily life: meals taken together, group lessons, conferences, card game evenings, or the utopia of “living together” reactivated and grafted onto new, modern, and ecological buildings, in which we open up common space while reducing private space to its minimum. Not to participate in activities is to banish the community.

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