Reasons Why Some People Change Their Views Towards an Issue


It’s difficult to make people change their minds on an issue. Once they already decided whether they’re for or against something, you can’t make them go the other way. Even those who decided to stay neutral also have a hard time. They decided to be in the middle, and that’s where they want to stay. Although most people already have an opinion on issues, there’s still a chance to change their minds. These are some reasons people take a different stance.

It gets closer to home 

When the issues get closer to home, it’s easy to make someone change their views. For instance, a person could be against gay marriage, but having a gay person in the family could change it. The same thing is true about a mental health issue. Some people think that those who commit suicide are weak until someone in the family does it. Suddenly, mental health becomes consequential. It’s unfortunate that things have to go this far before people change minds, but it’s the reality.

They hear accurate ideas from experts

The proliferation of fake news is one reason why it’s becoming more difficult to convince people to change their views. However, when experts offer accurate ideas and substantiate their points, some people listen. It takes an expert to make people rethink their views. They know that they can’t counter facts when they hear them firsthand.

They uncover the lies

While fake news spreads quickly, it can only stay relevant for a while. When people realize that they’re getting fed with lies, they will change their minds. The sad thing is that it could take a while for people to realize it. Sometimes, even when lies are already obvious, some people still choose not to believe.

They see the bigger picture 

Understanding the bigger picture will also help people rethink their views. For instance, some people don’t believe in climate change. They think it’s a hoax propagated by those who can benefit from the rise of alternative energy and other related industries. It’s false and difficult to defend. The key is to make them understand why they have to make the right decision in the first place. The environment is in a dire situation, and it affects everyone. Not doing something about it could have devastating results. If you tell them that working with a junk removal service in Canton GA is an excellent first step, it might work. These people remain skeptical, but they can at least see your point.

A change in tide

When there’s an overwhelming majority of people in favor or against an issue, some people will think it’s time to concede. The majority isn’t always right, but it isn’t easy to go against an overwhelming majority. If people don’t change their views, they will at least concede that something is wrong with what they think.

Hopefully, you can convince people to change their views about important issues like climate change. It’s not getting better, and we have to work together to solve the problem.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/wXJViXxHP44

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