The various tactical parameters that influence football analysis


When analysts sit down behind their computers to analyze the performance of a team or teams in a game, there are several variables or factors they look at and these factors can be placed into various groups. One group of factors that analysts consider is tactical parameters. There are several factors that fall under tactical parameters and one of them is ball possession. If you are any fan of football, then you must understand that ball possession is a very important factor in the analysis of games and teams. Teams that are good tend to have a higher level of ball possession, but that doesn’t always translate into a win. Sometimes a team can have a more than 50% ball possession compared to their opponent, but still lose the game as a whole.

In this article, I am going to look at ball possession and how it influences analyses provided by analysts during a game.

What influences ball possessions?

According to research, ball possession is one of those factors in วิเคราะห์บอล that are influenced by situational variables. On the flip side, ball possession also seems to influence situational variables such as early goals and so forth. Some of the situational variables that influence ball possession include match location, quality of opponent, and game status. The team that has more ball possession usually spends more time in the opponent’s half of the pitch, leading to shorter distances covered by the possessing team. Research also indicates that teams that have 4-2-3-1 formations usually have more ball possession.

Looking at the literature above, it indicates that analysts rely a lot on the level of ball possession when providing their analyses. Teams that possess the ball more are given a higher chance of winning even if that is not always true. However, ball possession is sometimes not counted as a performance indicator. For instance, ball possession doesn’t count when the opponent is of poor quality and when a team has a home advantage. Ball possession is kind of expected in situations like that.

Ball possession in a certain are of the pitch

The ability of a team to maintain ball possession in a particular part of the field has been found to be dependent on the current score line. Usually, the scoring team seems to have less ball possession in attacking and middle thirds of the field in comparison to the average for the half. On the contrary, the team that is losing seems to increase it possession in the middle and attacking third. However, losing teams seem to reduce possession in their own defensive third.

Last words…

Understandably, more ball possessions usually result in more shots per possession. Thus, possession play is an important consideration when analyzing a team or game and sports analysts understand this. When the analysis is being provided live, the analyst will always have base their reports and statements on how the two opposing teams possess the ball and their general play.

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