Pharmaceutical Salesman Tracking – How Can Pharmaceutical Companies Get It Done


There are many myths concerning pharmaceutical sales representatives being tracked by their companies. Certainly one of individuals myths continues to be concerning the pharmaceutical industry having the ability to track representative’s time interior and exterior the area. Another myths surround Gps navigation in laptops or cars. Standing on the organization finish of matters you are able to depend on which you read because factual. This post is so you become aware regarding how to safeguard yourself in the eyes of the managers.

To begin with there aren’t any Gps navigation devices in computers or company cars. A minimum of not ones that may track every single movement Getting stated that, pharmaceutical companies CAN track a number of reasons for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

One a study that’s run frequently in the corporate finish is the number of occasions you “open” the phone call throughout the day, what time typically you’ve made your last call, what duration it’s, and just what time throughout the day have you start.

While they are averages which are seen in the corporate finish for that various regions in pharmaceutical companies, a lot of other consultants and colleagues at other pharmaceutical sales companies begin to see the same, the reports tend to be, a lot more granular in the Regional and District Manager level.

Now realize that it’s acceptable to finish a phone call before 2 PM or start after 10 AM “every now and then”. However, these reports which are run in the District Manager level will inform them what your average duration for any call is, and typically whenever you leave or start your day (taken during the period of 30, 60 and 90-day times). Anything over an 80 % variance is really a warning sign.

Initially if you notice your pharmaceutical district manager by helping cover their you more, or subtly questioning a number of your calls. However the real factor which will happen is come here we are at layoffs you won’t be among the list of individuals protected. Your ranking (that has related to figures) depends on the number of variance in the time-table. Now clearly when you get caught by having an outright lie you’ll be fired prior to the layoffs, but District Managers know most pharmaceutical salesman have shortcuts.

Therefore if in your typical week a pharmaceutical salesman works 2 days between 9-4 PM, and 72 hours outdoors that variance you are well on the radar screen. Should you work 9-5 every single day (so we know most reps don’t), and therefore are horrible about closing calls on your pc or otherwise synchronizing every single day, you’ll be placed on the radar screen. My advice a pharmaceutical salesman is to buy sample signatures a minimum of two occasions each week after 3:30 PM and something time each week before 9:30 AM.

The leeway permitted is larger for morning calls incidentally. Pharmaceutical sales representatives have to safeguard themselves available and try to keep considering Plan B!

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