Must I Avoid Travel Like a Solo Female?


Every question associated with travel safety won’t ever get a full, encompassing and concrete answer you will find way too many variables. These ever altering factors will also be what make traveling so exciting. Who knows what to anticipate. Therefore you should get ready for aspects we are able to control, especially like a female traveling on your own.

It’s first essential to find out the overarching primary risks to travelers (in no particular order)

• Vehicular incident

• Criminal

• Violent attack

• Health problems and Disease

• Beach related occurrences eg rip tides

• Fire – accommodations/nightclubs etc

• Travel at ocean

These risks hold true for men and women travelers alike. What exactly risks are females more susceptible to? We feel two risks that female travelers come with an elevated possibility of falling victim to verses male counterparts are

• Criminal

• Violence (to incorporate sexual attack)

Why Criminal?

Plain and simple most crooks will attempt and concentrate on perceived ‘easy’ targets. It’s generally assumed that ladies won’t try to fight and/or is going to be less in a position to defend themselves. Females also become easy targets because most women carry purses or handbags that are a lot more available to crooks.

Why Violence (to incorporate sexual attack)?

Most violent attacks by men against women are frequently sexual anyway. Some motivations of these attacks originate from personal grievances, problems with control, and social disorders. Regrettably motivations may also be purely opportunistic and deviant anyway. It is therefore vital for a person’s safety to get rid of these perceived ‘opportunities’ for crooks.

There are going to become exceptions towards the rules, however we have identified two primary topics that put female travelers at greater risk lets now focus our efforts on eliminating these elevated threats.

Why an elevated risk for solo female travelers?

If your criminal or perhaps an attacker will perpetrate a criminal offense they will likely find and try a target that’s alone without ‘back up’. Crooks naturally are predators and can normally focus attention on ‘easy targets’. Sexual predators may concentrate on women they assume won’t have anybody immediately ‘missing them’ or checking in in it.

Minimize Risk

To recognize the primary risks for female travelers and acknowledge these specific risks during solo female travel, only then do we can change and minimize the likelihood of encountering these threats. This is actually the underlying principal of travel safety. Find out the threat or danger early and make preparations accordingly in order to minimize the danger. The secret isn’t to prevent travel, but merely to organize and adjust to traveling like a solo female to maximise safety.

Prepare try not to Prevent

Every traveler both men and women should prepare before traveling. You will find threats everywhere that may affect travelers’ – men, women, individuals or groups alike. Should these potential dangers prevent us from traveling? Definitely not! What these potential dangers must do is motivate us as individuals accountable for our very own safety, to organize accordingly and educate ourselves before we mind on our adventures.

The writer may be the co-founding father of Explorer Travel Security. This can be a dynamic and elite travel security company focused on travel security and safety of people, groups and companies abroad. It’s a complete company offering tailored courses, executive protection, global save, elite travel cover and electronic tracking and security solutions.

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