How To Increase Instagram Video Views And Become Popular?


Earlier, people only post their videos and content n YouTube, but now Instagram is also becoming the favorite platform to upload videos, igtv videos, and reels. People who possess any skill, talent, or knowledge want to show it off to the public with social networking sites’ help to become famous. But the algorithm to count the popularity depends on your videos’ views and likes, or we can say content.

Every person wants the audience to watch their videos for the longest possible time. For this, you have to provide quality content for your subscribers that interests them and answer their questions and needs. If you want to grow your channel and gain popularity, you can do this y increasing views, visibility, and audience, or the other way is to Buy Instagram Video ViewsIt is the fastest and the shortest path to gain popularity in the blink of an eye.

A lot of question arises in your mind regarding the process to buy Instagram views, and from where we can buy such views to become famous overnight? How much time does it take? We will answer all, such in detail.

How can you buy Instagram video views?

Buy Instagram video views is a simple and straightforward process; nothing is complicated in it. The one who needs to buy Instagram video views has to specify their username while placing the order. First, you have to select your target videos for which you want to buy Instagram views. It hardly takes 1 to two minutes to place your order. Once you submit your username, the seller automatically identifies the videos you share using your Instagram username. You can buy millions of video views in less than a minute and gain popularity.

From where can we buy Instagram video views?

There are millions of views selling platforms on the internet; famoid is one of them. A buyer should place the order from a genuine and authentic platform after proper research. There is some fraudulent network that tries to trap you in unfair dealings.

How does Instagram count views?

The fundamental question arises in everyone’s mind who uploads videos on Instagram and wants to increase their likes and views. To calculate the views, Instagram follows an algorithm that is pre-decided. Let’s learn the process step by step to know how it works-

While counting the views on videos ensures that the viewer’s account is real and genuine. It’s not any fake account.

The next perspective they look for is the timing for which the viewer watches your video. If the timings are more than 25%, then it is considered otherwise not.

The counting doesn’t depend on the number of likes; if the viewer watches more than 25% of your video, it will increase your view count.


This article provides you a complete guide on how to Buy Instagram Video Views, and it also provides you the algorithm which Instagram uses to count the video views.

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