Essential Oil Dosing and Application


A wide variety of essential oils are used in aromatherapy to treat a range of health problems, from depression and anxiety to headaches and sleep disorders. The key to successful treatment is choosing the right product for your particular ailment. If you’re unsure of the product’s safety and effectiveness, consult a health care professional who can help guide you. Before applying any essential oil, dilute it with distilled water.

With many essential oils in so many types of makeup boxes, dilution is particularly important. Some oils contain concentrated levels of botanical components that may be too strong for the skin to handle. This is why it’s important to use a diluted oil to reduce the potential for side effects. Be aware that diluting essential oils can also make them more attractive to acne-prone individuals. It’s also important to watch out for common side effects such as itchiness, sensitivity, or swelling.

When diluting the essential oil, the problem most often becomes lessened if you first test the dilution on a small area of skin. All you need to do is rub the solution onto the affected areas of the skin for a few minutes, allowing it to soak in before washing it off. Use warm water when applying the solution, since higher temperatures may cause more irritation.

A few tips for choosing the essential oil are necessary for effective treatment. Look for an oil that contains ingredients that you find appealing. It is also a good idea to consult a health care professional about the safest product possible. It’s important to be careful not to expose yourself to possible adverse effects and risks.

People often think natural alternatives are better, but the truth is that a lot of natural ingredients have been considered dangerous by some individuals. It’s best to look for oil that is purely organic and has no added additives. Many companies use these natural ingredients because they’re less expensive than synthetics.

Using an essential oil as part of a regular skincare regimen is an effective way to improve the health of your skin. When using a specific product as part of a routine, the best thing to do is to apply the oil one time per day. Then, after a couple of weeks, you may choose to increase the frequency of use.

The idea is to never overdo it and never stop the daily application. In general, the more frequent you use the oil, the more effective it will be at treating your skin. Keep the oil’s use consistent over time.

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