Custom Packaging: How to Reduce your Packaging Waste


In the e-commerce and online shopping world, packaging remains a necessity. And online businesses must have initiatives to reduce their waste by making smarter packaging choices.  This can be done either through sizing or material choices, allowing the use of packaging in a more manageable less wasteful level. Also, it is important to consider branding and marketing. So, how exactly can your business use custom packaging like the one you can avail from and minimize your packaging waste? Read on to know how:

Using Properly Sized Custom Boxes

It is not a bad idea to use a stock box; however, it Is not always the best one. Rather than finding the closes box size for your product needs, consider using a custom box to reflect the dimensions of your product. A smaller box size reduces packaging waste, minimize manufacturing costs, prevent damage, and reduce void fill.

Ordering Just Enough for your Business Needs

There is no point in ordering more packaging supplies than you need when the extra only ends up crowding your warehouse. And if some don’t get to good use over time, they can get damaged while being in stock. Plus, ordering many boxes before deciding to switch to new packaging design is a waste of money, materials, and time.

Using Digital Printing Options

Printing plates are thin, flat sheets of metal. If a design is printed onto packaging using conventional forms of printing, the design tends to get separated into colors and every color gets its own printing plate. Thus, the more plates are required for more colorful designs, increasing the costs and the materials needed. Fortunately, digital printing is a better option in this regard. Without needing plates, it consumes less material and leaves behind less waste.

And while custom boxes have been focused on heavily here, all types of custom packaging can benefit your business and the environment. Some designers use custom water-activated tape printed on paper with the inks separated during recycling. If you have a tight budget, you can take advantage of the ability of custom labels to allow you to brand your packaging without the money and material cost of printed boxes.

Custom packaging is an investment in your business. If picked well and handled properly, it can minimize your packaging waste and improve your environmental footprint. Ensure to pick a reliable printing partner to come up with a solution that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

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