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How many people can participate in a virtual escape game at a time?

Any number of participants can participate in a virtual escape game at a time, the group will be distributed into smaller groups for easy accommodation in different escape rooms. It’s fun when you have more friends to play with.

But if you don’t have more friends, it’s fine to play with your best friend alone in the escape room. We know you guys have some sparking energy within, make a blast while playing and enjoy your time at a virtual escape room. Click here to book Virtual Escape Room Singapore.

How long does the virtual escape room experience last?

In general, the gaming experience lasts around 1.5 hours. This includes gameplay, briefing at the start, and debriefing at the end. If the client has some special request regarding time, they can contact the providers directly or chat with the event consultant on the company’s site.

When should I make the booking?

To get the virtual escape room experience you must pre-book the room. The room should be confirmed at least 3 days before the event, this will help you get the best room of your choice. In case you have an urgent request feel free to contact Virtual Escape Room Singapore, through mail or a phone call. The event consultant will be there to help you out with any type of booking-related query, you can email them or chat with them on the given contact number.

Can I make a last-minute booking for a virtual escape room?

Yes, it is possible, contact the company as soon as possible to get your appointment. Though last-minute booking might be tough, the company will try its best to make possible accommodation for you and your team.

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